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  Enterprise Solution

At , Ozone Technologies  we offer  enterprise software solution to cater to your unique requirement , Our expertise is in the filed of Electronic Document management Solution & Thin Client solutions . Both the solutions enable end-users to benefits best of scalability features and phased deployment. Our Unique method is to provide proof of concept and on site test deployment to enable the organization to evaluate and analyses the benefits involved in implementing the solutions

Electronic Document management Solution

The goal of a paperless office continues to get closer for organisations around the world, thanks to the rising popularity of digital document management systems. Leveraging robust processes, strong domain expertise and sound Infrastructure Ozone Technologies  delivers enterprise class solutions through a product that is flexible and scalable. Adaptable easily to the existing IT infrastructure Ozone Technologies Electronic Document Management collaborates.

  • Lower turnaround time and cost
  • Business process automation
  • Increased employee productivity through document imaging and workflow solutions.
  • Ordinary files translated into huge databases of information that can be used for marketing, audit and management purposes, with searchable text.
  • Cost savings, specifically on filing cabinets, supplies and the real estate required to store data.
  • The difficult task of securing confidential information is simplified with a digital document management system.
Thin Clients

Ozone Technologies can Help to Virtualize, Secure & Deliver Applications & Virtual Desktops from Data center & Cloud. By using Thin Client Technologies the End User IT interfaces are easily manageable A thin clients, are a a low-cost endpoint computing device that relies heavily on a server for its computational role.. Thin clients and other lean devices rely on a network connection to a central server for full computing and don't do much processing on the hardware itself.

  Benefits of Thin Clients

Cost Savings
  • IT support costs
  • Capital costs
  • Optimal Usage of space in data centre
  • Licensing costs due to volume licensing
  • Audio Visual Multipurpose Rooms & Auditorium
  • Total administration and operating cost reduction up to 70%
Simplified Management
  • All upgrades(Software & Hardware ) , security policies, application changes, etc. can be made in the centralised Location
  • Centralized and simplified back up
  • Less downtime, increasing productivity.
  • Reduced Maintenance
Enhanced Security
  • Thin clients are protected from the use of unauthorized software or the introduction of viruses
  • Data cannot be copied to a disk or saved to any other location than the server
  • Centralized processing makes it easy to manage and monitor the system
  • Simplify security, protect intellectual property, ensure data privacy
Increased Productivity
  • Quickens setup and enables flexibility, without needing a specialist staff
  • Productivity can increase, while standard PCs have long repair times that cause delays and higher costs
  • Access the same apps and data from virtually anywhere
  • By creating a dynamic and flexible IT environment with thin clients, IT departments worldwide are simplifying their IT infrastructures.
  • Thin Clients can be a valuable technology platform and solves several business problems. They increase device usage flexibility since the user can access their virtual desktop from their home PC, tablet, or Smartphone creating a more secure platform

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