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Control Room

  AV solution for Control Room

Your control room requires strategic audio-visual system design, and Ozone Technologies delivers. As an audio-visual systems integrator, we provide exceptional control room, command centre, Emergency Operations Centre (EOC), and Network Operations Centre (NOC) solutions. We design the systems that enable you to conduct your duties efficiently, effectively, and most importantly, securely. Ozone Technologies offers solutions for industry verticals like Retail, Telecom, Transportation, broadcast, Utilities (power and water).

The well-designed and integrated control room provides a comprehensive overview of independent information sources and provides the situational awareness that enables operators to make quick decisions that affect the organization and its stakeholders. AGC understands how to integrate video technology into the decision-making process in industries as wide-ranging as military, telecommunications, IT, BFSI, Security, governments or transportation services.

Our Control Room designs caters a holistic approach brings order to your network operations. We take into account sight lines, ergonomics, lighting, technology required and types of information being monitored to create a comprehensive solution. This provides operators the best environment to react quickly and make decisions based on
accurate, clearly presented information. Whether it is a large-scale video wall that enables operators to acquire, control and analyze visual data quickly within a collaborative space, or multiple displays arranged in workstations throughout the room, we deliver an integrated command centre that lets you focus on effective operations


Depending on the size and resolution needs of your command center or tactical operation center, Ozone Technologies offers a control room display solution that suits your needs in a variety of applications:

  • Business Communications
  • Education
  • Energy / Water / Power
  • Oil & Gas
  • Telecommunications
  • Broadcast
  • Security
  • Traffic Management
  • Process Control
  • Alert and Crisis Centres
  • Briefing Rooms
  • Combat Rooms
  • Emergency Preparedness & Response Center
  • Visualization
  • Surveillance
  • Military Command Centers